Heat Pumps and Under-floor Heating

When considering using a heat pump it is recommended that under floor heating is installed in your house.

The simple reason is that it is the most efficient way to run your pump.

Heat pumps have a capacity to heat water to  about 55 degrees which rules out conventional radiators as an option as it needs at least 60/70 degrees to be efficient.underfloor heating

Under floor Heating on the other hand operate at between 35/40 degrees largely due to the close proximity of the pipe when laid thus giving an even distribution of the heat throughout the room

Things to consider before laying under floor

It is recommended that there is at least 100mm of insulation laid underneath the pipe to reduce any risk of heat loss from the circulating hot water to the ground especially in very cold periods when the ground temperatures peak.

Floor finish is important to the efficiency of the under floor heating

Tiles or marble floor are the most efficient due to the quick transfer of heat from the screed

Laminated timber floors glued directly to the screed is the most efficient method for wooden floors We recommend you speak to your supplier for advice on best options

Unfortunately carpets are the least efficient as the act as an insulation barrier.

In such cases speak to our installer and we can recommend alternative options

Why Airflow

At airflow we use only quality multi-layer piping with inbuilt aluminium barrier to keep it more stable for tight bends

The pipe is at laid 100mm/150mm centres depending on ceiling heights and ran in loops to and from the manifolds of no greater than 90 meters. All loops are complete i.e no joints

The pipes when installed are pressurised to 4 bar and left for 48 hours to insure there is no possible leak in the circuit

No concrete will be poured unit leak test is complete.